Cadastral Surveyor Services

Introduction to Cadastral Surveying

Have you ever wondered how property boundaries are established with precision? Cadastral surveying plays a crucial role in defining these boundaries, ensuring clarity and legal certainty in land ownership. By meticulously measuring and mapping land parcels, cadastral surveying provides the foundation for property ownership, development, and land management.

Experienced Cadastral Surveyors

At Caddey, Searl & Jarman, our team of cadastral surveyors boasts unparalleled skills, expertise, and experience in the field. With years of hands-on practice and in-depth knowledge of land surveying principles, we excel in accurately delineating property boundaries and resolving boundary disputes.

Our Boundary Surveying Services

Boundary Line Marking

Precisely demarcating property lines with durable markers ensures clear identification of boundaries, preventing encroachments and disputes.

Boundary Line Adjustments

When property boundaries need modification due to changes in land use or legal requirements, our experts execute precise adjustments, maintaining legal compliance and clarity.

The Cadastral Survey Process


Initial Research

Thorough examination of historical records, deeds, and surveys to understand the property's history and legal context.


Map Creation

Utilising Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to create detailed cadastral maps depicting property boundaries and relevant features.


Report Generation

Compiling comprehensive reports outlining survey findings, boundary descriptions, and any relevant legal considerations.



Conducting on-site measurements using advanced surveying equipment to accurately determine property boundaries and features.


Data Analysis

Processing field data to calculate boundary coordinates and verify survey accuracy.

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